Our counselors draw upon their professional training, formal education and experiences to address the unique mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs of each person.

While we are committed to a Christian perspective in approaching mental health issues, we are also sensitive to perspectives of others and those who do not identify with the faith.

To take advantage of our online booking system through Jane App, click on the button below. If you would rather talk to someone in person, you may call 417-624-9659 between the hours of 1 and 5 pm on weekdays. You may also leave a message through the form below at any time. 


Dr. Karl Wendt. Middle aged, caucasion male. Shorter dark hair, glasses, smiling.

Dr. Karl Wendt | PhD | LPC | AAMT

Director of the Mount Hope Counseling Center that has been in operation now for 35+ years delivering hope to those in need.

Dr. Karl specializes in Marriage & Family Counseling.

Marissa is a younger middle aged caucasion female. She has a huge smile and long reddish brown hair. She is wearing a teal shirt.

Marissa Fort | PLPC

Marissa is a trauma informed practitioner specializing in individual counseling for adults, adolescents, and children, couple and family counseling, play therapy, trauma, women's issues, and addiction.
Eddie is a taller male of Africian American desent, wearing a red polo shirt with a friendly smile. He has short dark hair.
Eddie Culp MS | PLPC

Eddie has been counseling for 14 years. He specializes in individual counseling, group counseling, children, adolescents and teens, ADHD, anger management, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and problematic sexual behavior.

Darla Wyatt


Darla has a heart for couples and enjoys coming alongside those who are struggling relationally, to instill hope and help them resolve their conflict. Darla has helped many couples restore trust in their relationship after an affair or betrayal. In addition to working with couples, Darla also works with women who are dealing with emotional difficulties such as depression or anxiety. She will work with the client to determine the best treatment for them so they can achieve their goals. 

Johna is a middle aged caucasion female. She has longer blonde hair, and is wearing a white shirt with blue and pink flowers. She is smiling.

Johna Burton  | BCBA

Johnna is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Her services rely on emphasizing strengths, setting goals, and teaching new skills to caregivers and children on the autism spectrum, children with developmental delays and those experiencing behavior challenges.

Micah Clark. Younger male, with short darker brown hair, light goatee and mustache. Waring a grayish blue and white plaid shirt.

Micah Clark

Micah is a counseling intern from Liberty University and is a member of Chi Sigma Iota counseling honor society. He specializes in working in working with adults, grief, individual, group, sexuality, relationship counseling.
Adam Forrest is a middle aged, caucasion male with a graying beard. He is wearing a black vest over a dress shirt and a necktie and also a newsboy cap. The picture is in grayscale.
Adam Forrest

Adam is a Counseling Intern from Pittsburg State University and works with adults, teens, and children specializing in individual, couples, marriage, and group counseling. Adam works with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder struggling with relational and socialization challenges, distress related to ADHD, chronic pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, and helping clients find solutions to their mental health and relationally-related challenges.

Georgia Kinslow is a younger middle aged caucasion woman. She has curly dark brown hair and is wearing a light pink dress shirt.

Georgia Kinslow

Georgia is a counseling intern from Missouri State University specializing in individual counseling with adults, children & teens, marriage/couples counseling, play therapy and creative arts therapy.
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